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The Eagle Inside - Bronwyn Bancroft & Jack Manning Bancroft

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Jimmy is the smallest bird at school. Surrounded by big, tough birds, he feels different in every way and is certain he will never fit in.
But when Eagle reminds him that being small isn't necessarily a weakness, Jimmy discovers how being different can also be a strength.

This striking story is Jack Manning Bancroft's first foray into publishing. A powerhouse success in his own right as founder and CEO of AIME, Jack has collaborated with Australia's foremost illustrator, Bronwyn Bancroft, to create this timeless fable about difference, belonging and courage.

32 pages hard cover

The Eagle Inside is a landmark mother-and-son collaboration between two powerhouses of the Indigenous community of Sydney--artist, designer, curator, activist and illustrator Bronwyn and her son Jack, who is CEO of Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), and was named 2010 NSW Young Australian of the Year 2010, 2010 Young People's Australian Human Rights Medallist, 2010 Young Alumni of the Year Award, University of Sydney and has been listed amongst Sydney's Top 100 Most Influential People. The love, respect and pride these two creators feel for and about each other is palpable on every page.