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Our Story

about us

 Our business is built on love, dedication, respect, integrity and hard work.

We are a small family business created 21 years ago and run by brother and sister team Daniel and Becci who grew up deep in the Sclerophyll bush bordering Bundjalung National park behind the healthlands of Black Rocks near Evans Head. As children they played in the rich clay of the earth surrounded by kangaroos, goannas and diverse birds that has forever shaped them for a love of nature, culture and connection to both. 

  Becci's sons Yarbirri and Kowunduh, now aged 24 and 23 were the inspiration for our business, originally created with the help of their Dad Howie, a Bundjalung/ Yaegle man and our father Tony.  Our objective was to create a special space for local artists and their beautiful unique creativity to be honoured and respected in all ways. 

Perfectly, the property that Becci and Daniel grew up on is a significant area to the Yaegle people and was a travelling route via the Esk river to the ocean. This land deep in the ancestry of these boys is shared by their Mum and uncle which is very special for us all. 

Yarbirri and Kowunduh grew up spending afternoons and holidays in our shop and made many lifelong connections with their uncles, aunties and cousins through sharing of their art and creations through Planet Corroboree. Starting from a very young age both Yarbirri and Kowunduh worked at Planet Corroboree and through it gained strong work values and ethics which they carried out into their adult working lives now serparate from Planet Corroboree. 

Over the years we have changed and shifted and now have such a diverse range of products including many Australian and locally made non Indigenous products, jewellry and crystals. We honour all colours, cultures, stories and creations. 

Currently we support over 40 plus individual Aboriginal Artists and businesses who we purchase directly from and have developed wonderful friendships and business relationships over these 21 years, and another 40 plus indirectly though licensing agreements including books, fabrics, music, clothing etc.

We support a similar amount of Non Indigenous artists and small businesses as well. 

Planet Corroboree is not a community controlled organisation or Aboriginal owned. It is a private family run small business. The business supports itself and all that comes into it goes back out to sustain it. 

It has helped raise two young empowered beautiful young proud Indigenous men just through its existence. 

If you choose to purchase something through us…you are directly benefiting all those individuals we support.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our beautiful little unique shop built on love. 

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