Jeremy 'Mudjai' Devitt

Mudjai paints in the spiritway of painting, taught to him by his Uncle Joseph Baird Wallace of Ramingining, Arnhemland, Northern Territory who was taught by Uncle David Malangi, also of Ramingining.

"We paint for the dead people. The knowledge passed down to me is represented in my paintings, dancing, didjerdoo playing and storytelling. I am willing to share to all who are interested. When i paint it makes me strong, it reminds me of my connection to Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Father Sun and Grandfather Universe. It reminds me of my connection to plants, animals and other people. Each one of my paintings is like a page from our bible. My hope for the future is that the western world can learn proper respect for Mother Earth and the world’s Indigenous people and help them maintain their cultural lore, language and heritage.”