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Stuffed Animal - Platypus - Large - Made in Australia

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This gorgeous adorable platypus soft toy is made in Australia by Jozzies Australia, in Sydney. He's made from non-allergic, fire resistant wool and synthetic fur fabircs which exceed all Australian safety sandards. 

The platypus is probably the most unique Australian mammal. This amphibious burrowing resident of creeks andstreams has a duckbill, lays eggs and suckles its young. The male has a poisonous spur on each ankle. It is found in the eastern and south eastern states of Australia.

The wisdom of platypus is to realise, understand and embrace the potency of your own intuition and higher levels of knowing.

Measures 40 cm long. 

We choose to support 'Made in Australia' soft toys as the quality and integrity of business far outway similar 'Made in China' products and it helps other Australian small business.