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Soft Toy - Eric Emu - Small - Made in Australia

This sweet little Emu soft toy is made in Australia by Jozzies Australia, in Sydney. He's made from non-allergic, fire resistant wool and synthetic fur fabircs which exceed all Australian safety sandards. 

The Emu is Australia's largest flightless bird and is found throughout mainland Australia. It grows up to a height of 2 metres (nearly 7 feet). Once the female has laid her eggs (as many as 20) the male takes total control of incubating them and caring for the young when they hatch.

Emu wisdom promotes a holistic approach to life that incorporates a healthy mind/healthy body philosophy while encouraging you to seize personal quiet time for replenishment whenever you are able.

Measures 16cm x 20cm.

We choose to support 'Made in Australia' soft toys as the quality and integrity of business far outway similar 'Made in China' products and it helps other Australian small businesses like our own.