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Mug -Teddy Gibson "Yankirri Jukurrpa"

Presented in a matching giftbox featuring information about the artist and artwork. Dishwasher Safe. Microwave Safe. Mug Height - 12.5cm 

 Yankirri Jukurrpa (Emu Dreaming) - Ngarlikurlangu

This particular site of the Yankirri Jukurrpa (Emu Dreaming) is at Ngarlikurlangu, north of Yuendumu. The "yankirri" travelled to the rock hole at the Ngarlikurlangu to find water. This Jukurrpa story belongs to Jangle/Jampijinpa men and Nangala/Nampijinpa women.

In Contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, associated sites and other elements . Emus are usually represented by their "wiriliya" (footprints), arrow-like shapes that show them walking around Ngarlikurlangu eating "yakajirri" (bush raisin [Solanum central]). In the time of the Jukurrpa there was a fight at Ngarlikurlangu between a "yankirri" ancestor and Wardilyka (Australian bustard [Ardeotis australis]) ancestors over sharing the "yakajirri". There is also a dance for this Jukurrpa that is performed during initiation ceremonies. 

Teddy Jakamarra Gibson was born in the late 60"s in Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community located 290 km north-west of Alice Springs in the NT of Australia. He is the son of Nancy Napanangka Gibson, a respected artist who also paints with Warlukurlangu Artists. Teddy has two sisters and two brothers. He attended the local school in Yuendumu and in his late teens moved to Nyirripi, an Aboriginal community 160 km north-west of Yuendumu, with his mother. Teddy is married to Gayle Napangardi Gibson and they have three daughters and 5 grandchildren. 

Teddy has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, since 2006. Warlukurlangu makes regular visits to Nyirripi to drop of canvas, paint and brushes for the artists and o collect finished artwork. He paints his Jukurrpa stories, Dreamings from his father's side, in particular Dreamings that relate directly to his land - a site west of Nyirripi in the "talk" sandhill country close to the Gibson Desert, south of Lake McKay - its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it. Teddy uses and unrestricted palette to develop a modern interpretation of his traditional culture, building on traditions that stretch back at least fifty millennia. 

When teddy is not painting he likes to go hunting with his family. He especially likes to go hunting for goanna and honey ants. 




Customer Reviews

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Jochen Abb

Would have liked two of those mugs

David Page
A fabulous treasure

Fantastic design by Terry Gibson.
Quality product.
Sublime packaging.
What a fabulous gift.
Thank you.

More than 5 star service👍🏾

Great service and timely delivery. Well packaged.

Sean Jago
Classy Porcelain!

Thanks for my new aboriginal mug. I use it everyday!

Erica Fabricius
Great Care Customer Service

This mug is lovely. The earthy colours are perfect for the dear friend I bought it for. We don't have the entire range of these art works/pieces in Port Augusta, so it was fantastic to find them online from Planet Corroboree. I had a lovely hand written note inside the package too, explaining the need for excessive packaging. This was one thing I was worried about when purchasing this online, but it got to me in one piece, due to the extra care that was taken by the team. Thank you!