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Rough Shungite - The Power Shield

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Shungite works on a deep level to restore balance to the body or purity to water. 

A rare non crystalline carbon mineral composed of "fullerenes" that contain virtually all the minerals in the periodic table.

Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to health, pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, viruses, EMF, Wi-Fi, microwaves and other emissions, it boosts everything that is beneficial for physical well being.

Scientists around the world are investigating this mineral's full potential. 

Qualities include:

Anti bacterial, anti viral, cleansing, EMF Shielding, Protective, grounding, immune support.

Shungite needs to be regularly cleansed. 

Size of these $55 pieces are on average between 9-10cm x 7-9 cm 


Price is per piece