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Proper Way - A Guide to Cultural Protocols

The 'Proper Way' protocols book is a guide for all non-originie people who wish to show full respect to the custodians of this land now called 'Australia'.
It talks of the Aboriginal way of showing respect to each other on country as in the old ways, and how that can be applied to today.
The book went through many drafts and was passed around and approved by many elders up and down the East Coast and inland - including the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra. Uncle Harry and Lewis Walker of the local Wahlerbal Jablum people have endorsed the book also.
Binnah Pownall has worked with the Originie people for over 25 years, mainly in Northern New South Wales. Binnah has a background in Social Work and Counselling and writes in local journals and facilitates film, music and discussion on Original Spirituality.
17 pages