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John Rotumah - Kangaroo Sunset 22x12cm $69

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This beautiful little panorama postcard size stretched canvas is painted by local artist John Rotumah. Depicting the classic Australian landscape of kangaroos jumping across a sunset lit sky, it's colourful, light and super easy to transport! 

 From the young age of 18 John had a talent for painting. Drawing inspiration from his mother and his own children, John has painted for over 20 years now with 15 of them as a professional artist whose art of various mediums has travelled far across the globe. His kangaroo sunsets have become a very distinct characteristic of his style of art. John's mothers family come from the Bundjalung people around where he grew up in Fingal, beside the ocean in Northeast NSW. He carries his father's fathers people who came from Rotuma Island within Fiji.

23cm x 13cm

Each piece is original, they may have slight variations.