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Inner Self Guidance Cards

Inner Self Guidance Cards offer guidance on decisions, relationship with yourself and others and a general sense of the energies around you at the moment.

The set of 128 cards include instructions for doing personal readings for yourself and others.

They are great as a gift and small enough to carry around with you in your car or purse.

Created and designed by Lin Bell, healer and reader from Byron Bay, Australia. She printed her first cards over 20 years ago and they continue to spread and touch the lives of many.

Card size: 4cm x 3cm

How to use
There are many ways to use these cards, for example:

Pick three a day as an overview.

If there is an issue that needs addressing, pick one or more cards (as many as required), as the questions and answers arise.

Use them as confirmation of that inner knowing.

Pick a few and let them unfold as a storyboard for your question.

Or just centre yourself and pick a card, just to see what is going on at the present moment. It’s like an email from your Higher Self or Soul!

May these cards assist in awakening Peace and Love in the hearts of all beings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Brilliant. I use these with my children every morning to set an intention. Will be purchasing for friends.

Talitha Walterfang
My go to cards

I love them. They've been my go to cards for little spirit conversations for the last 10 years. Excited to try the new deck with the added words. Thank you!

Amazing Guidance

It is easy to say words, but when they look back at you, it seems to hit home what you really need to do! I love these cards. They have given me valuable insights and confirmations.

Krista Parker

Love love love these cards. They are so clear and so helpful.

Kate Alden
Unique & cute

These bring a lot of clarity in my reads. I also love using them for myself daily. I give it a 4 star rating as the only thing to note is these cards are tiny (wording is big) - I’ve needed to get a bag to keep them in. But I love these.