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Coasters - Australian Made - Keringke Art

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Keringke Art is located at Santa Teresa, 80km south east of Alice Springs. Built in 1953, the Santa Teresa mission has a population of around 500 people. In Arrernte, Keringke means "kangaroo tracks" as related to a Dreamtime story. In the story, a giant red kangaroo came to pass through the country. As he did so, he became caught in a yellow vine and could go no further. With all the flies around, he bagan to throw dust over himself. In doing this, he made a big hole and it became a rock hole. After Kangaroo left he left his footprints in the rock which can still be seen today, the rock hole became Keringke. The art centre is named after this rock hole. Keringke Arts today producdes a wide variety of art products, reflecting the colour, rhythm and ambience of the land that is home for the Eastern Arrernte Artists. 

Keringke is owned and run by the artists themselves. 

Royalties from the sale of this product go to the artist.

These coasters are Made in Australia 

Set of 6. Comes in a cardboard box