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Climbing The World's Tallest Tree - Iris Ray Nunn

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'Understanding Australia’s true history is paramount to understanding ourselves as women and men in Australia today. Climbing the World’s Tallest Tree is an extraordinary memoir about an ordinary Australian girl who had a dream that changed her life.

This book will lead you on a suburban woman’s journey through Australia and North America where she evokes a series of encounters with Elders and ancient knowledge.

Despite the environmental challenges facing humanity, these wisdom teachings show us how to live joyfully inside a rapidly changing environmental system.'

On her personal exploration into the forces of wild Nature, iris discovers that life on Earth is becoming more and more threatened by the polluting ways of human behaviour.  

Completely disillusioned with the lack of courage and wisdom in the leaders of her Nation to deal with mostly foreseeable changes, she fears for the future of her daughter.

Led on a track that appears pre-destined by her detailed dreams and her innate love of Nature, she joins others in front line activism in an effort to raise the alarm about destructive mining practices. She stands in forests home to threatened and endangered species that are sacred to Aboriginal people. Here she uncovers hidden truths about the history of Australia. History she was never taught in school growing up in Queensland.  

Travelling to Uluru and the heart of Australia with an Aboriginal soul mate, they meet Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Elder
living in the desert of central Australia. Uncle demonstrates the simple art of listening deeply to Nature on the banks of a sacred rock hole.

Mystical experiences throughout her own life make greater sense after being out on ‘Country’ in Outback Australia and learning from Uncle Bob about his Ancient Granny Law. This being 'the highest Law'.

Her remarkable journey takes her far away across the world to the prairies of the Great West of North America and into the forests of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Powerful visions reveal a simple way through the fear and lies in the world, to a state of living once more on a healthy planet.