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100% Aboriginal made by Murra Wolka - 18” Returning Boomerang

Made by Aboriginal owned business Murra Wolka this plywood 18" returning boomerang is hand painted and made in Australia! 

Made out of ply wood for lightness and strength. These boomerangs genuinely return! Picture used as guide only. Kangaroo, Turtle, Emu, Goanna and Echidna designs available.

Message us when you purchase for your preference of animal and we will do our best to fulfil it for you.

Watch Kowunduh from Planet Corroboree demonstrate these 18" boomerangs 


These returning Boomerangs are designed to be thrown in a large open space with preferably soft grassy ground. If thrown wrong can cause damage to the Boomerang in which we take no responsibility for. We have tested many over the years and it’s very rare for breakage when used in the correct way. We have demonstration videos on YouTube. Additional information on how to throw can be found on the web.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Julianne Loft

I was very happy with the products I bought. The service was quick and communication was good.

Ken Apps
Boomer Boomerang

Refined crafting. Great product. I gave it a test flight and caught it on its return. ( I do have a small acreage). No more flights tho for this one l will be framing it for my man cave wall.
Thank you.
Ps friend of mine in london wants one as well so l will organise another soon

Amanda Krombholz
Top product

Top product - very happy with purchase

Elaine Chemeris
Really nice!!

Gave it to my beautiful 8 yr old grandson for Christmas. He was overjoyed! They are amazing!

Ian Male
It really does come back

Excellent product. Returned close to me first throw and with a bit of practice I’m now catching it regularly. Very happy with it.