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14” Returning Boomerang - 100% Aboriginal made by Murra Wolka

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14" Plywood returning boomerang made by Aboriginal owned and operated business Murra Wolka.


Guaranteed to return! Strong and lightweight for easy use.

Watch Daniel from Planet Corroboree demonstrate these 14" boomerangs 

 These returning Boomerangs are designed to be thrown in a large open space with preferably soft grassy ground. If thrown wrong can cause damage to the Boomerang in which we take no responsibility for. We have tested many over the years and it’s very rare for breakage when used in the correct way. We have demonstration videos on YouTube. Additional information on how to throw can be found on the web.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mauricio Marquez

Great products

Tanya Miles

Happy with product

Anna Williams

i thought it was a liitle too thin and light for a boomerang. It is being sent to the USA, for my grandsons birthday. I hope he is happy with it.