#8 Echidna Emu Caller - Ozzie Egan

This beautiful burn't Echidna boxwood Emu Caller is made by craftsman Ozzie Egan from the Madi Madi tribe in South West Victoria. It measures 30.5cm x 7.5cm

Emu Callers have been part of Indigenous culture for thousands of years. Tapping on the end of an emu caller makes the same sound as a female emu on heat!  It is the male emu that sits on the eggs and keeps them warm and safe while they incubate. Indigenous men would hide in the bushes and tap on their emu callers. The male emu would hop of his nest thinking it was a female and head towards the sound egger to connect with her. As soon as the Emu was off the nest and it safe, the men would run in and snatch the eggs for bush tucker. An inventive way to hunt and look after their families..and a fine feast! 

We purchase Ozzie's Emu callers, clapsticks, digeridoos and bullroarers directly from him. 


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