Understanding Aboriginal Culture - Cyril Havecker

This book gives the reader a legacy of untold value left by the Dreamtime heroes of the Australian Aboriginal people; a race so ancient it is reputed to be descended from the gods. This is a priceless heritage which belongs to every Australian, black or white.  The records left by the Wisemen of the Aborigines tell of the creation myth, how Baiame the Supreme Intelligence of the universe, created all living things and how extrasensory perception was used as a means of gaining knowledge of the past and future. There are laws for loving on earth and laws for living in the multi dimensions beyond earth.  Theirs is a powerful philosophy, one which has meaning and cannot be changed by time or circumstances. It is a spiritual philosophy which most Australians, until recent years, saw as primitive and of little importance to the world. How wrong we were.

106 Pages

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