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Torres Strait Islands flag Sticker - Wavy

Sticker size 12.5cm x 8cm

The Torres Strait Islander flag was created as a symbol of unity and identity for Torres Strait Islander peoples. Torres Strait Islanders’ culture and traditions are strongly connected to the land, sea and sky - elements which are represented in the flag.

Each part of the flag gives meaning to the Torres Strait Island culture:

  • Green: the two green lines represent the mainlands of Australia and Papua New Guinea.
  • Blue: the blue between these two continents is the blue of the Torres Strait Island waters.
  • Black: the black lines represent the people of the Torres Strait.
  • Central symbol: is one that any islander anywhere can identify with, the Dhari or headdress.
  • ​Five pointed star: The five-pointed star represents the five major Island groups of the Torres Strait as well as sea-faring navigation.
  • White: represents peace