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Martumili Ngurra by Nora Wompi, Nora Nungabar & Bugai Whoyoulter Headsox

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Headsox are a multifunctional, seamless head and neckwear accessory made from stretchy micro fibre. They're light and flexible and provide the ideal defence from the elements helping to keep you cool when the going gets hot in summer, and protecting your head, ears and neck when the chill starts to kick in.

This Headsox design is a collaborative work by Martumili artists Nora Wompi, Nora Nungabar and Bugai Whoyoulter. For the artists from the Far Western Desert painting is a social activity. People come together to paint and talk, tell stories and sing. The works created are unique in that they reflect the everyday life, culture and attitudes of the Martu people. Enjoy! 

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.




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