Stuffed Animal - Echidna - Small - Made in Australia

This lovely soft cuddly Echidna is made in Australia by Jozzies Australia, in Sydney. He's made from non-allergic, fire resistant wool and synthetic fur fabircs which exceed all Australian safety sandards. 

The Echidna (also known as the spiny anteater) uses a long sticky tongue to remove its food from ant and termite nests. It is an egg-laying mammal that keeps and suckles its young in a pouch until they are about 3 months old. When threatened it curls into a spiny impenetrable ball. It is found throughout Australia.

Echidna wisdom is about opening your heart to the needs of those around you and the nurturing they can offer. 

Measures 12cm x 16cm.

We choose to support 'Made in Australia' soft toys as the quality and integrity of business far outway similar 'Made in China' products and it helps other Australian small businesses like our own.  


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