Stuffed Animal - Koala - Large - Made in Australia

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This super top quality cute cuddly koala softy toy is made in Australia by 'Jozzies Toys', in Sydney. He is made from non-allergic, fire resistant wool and synthetic fur fabircs which exceed all Australian safety sandards.

Contrary to popular belief, the koala is not a bear, but a marsupial and carries its young in a pouch. It feeds almost exclusively on Eucalyptus (Gum Trees). They are mainly nocturnal, usually passing daylight hours dozing in the fork of a tree. Their distribution is restricted to the eastern mainland states of Australia.

Koala wisdom demonstrates the healing fight we must take in our personal quest for answers, and embraces the inner jounrey to the core of the deepest self. With Koala, our potential for growth and transformation strengthens and our sense of self escalates. 

Measures 27cm tall x 22cm wide

We choose to support 'Made in Australia' soft toys as the quality and integrity of business far outway similar 'Made in China' products and helps support other smal business.


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