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100% Aboriginal made by Murra Wolka - 18” Returning Boomerang

Made by Aboriginal owned business Murra Wolka this plywood 18" returning boomerang is hand painted and made in Australia! 

Made out of ply wood for lightness and strength. These boomerangs genuinely return! Picture used as guide only. Kangaroo, Turtle, Emu, Goanna and Echidna designs available.

Message us when you purchase for your preference of animal and we will do our best to fulfil it for you.

Watch Kowunduh from Planet Corroboree demonstrate these 18" boomerangs 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Juan Lucero

Very good

lexi gray
beautifully made

Beautiful and quality wood

Daniel M
Pretty awesome but...

It was a pretty awesome boomerang.
It was funny the way it flew, you could throw it a bit downwards and it had tones of lift back up into the air that would kick in very suddenly.
I found the throwing to be a bit more laid back, casual and simplistic (in a good way) compared to my plastic boomerangs.
Also the painting looks really awesome and flys a similar distance to the 16" one too, (in case you were hesitant to size up).

Unfortunately the bottom layer of wood split/snapped on 2 parts near each other.
I don't know why but my brother-in-law was using it at the time. I asked if he had been trying to bend it to tune it and he said no. Also it was only ever used on a grass soccer field.
Still I really enjoyed it, would recommend and consider it again in the future.

Now to try and repair it.
(Note: I didn't get to make a video of it but this review was kind of a comparison to the one shown in the video. Enjoy).

Fast delivery

Very fast and easy to deal with.
Love the quality.
Used a plain one at the beach in the water and it didn't absorb anything and retained its shape

Mohamed Ally

I ordered 2 boomerangs and love them . They are excellent quality and the art work is superb. Definitely recommend to everyone.