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Born in the Desert - The Land and Travels of a Last Australian Nomad by Marion Hercock

Martu woman Dadina Brown was born and reared in Western Australia's Little Sandy Desert during the 1970s. Like her famous kinsfolk, Warri and Yatunkga ('The Last of the Nomads'), her family met Stan Gratte's party of field historians, and came to live in Wiluna. Combines the memories of a last Aboriginal nomad with a history and geography of the Little Sandy Desert. Personal stories merge with images of desert landscapes in a colourful, descriptive and candid account of outback life. Dadina Georgina Brown was born in that desert, but outside the bounds of her Mandildjara aboriginal tribe. Ms Brown is one of the last people to have lived the traditional nomad life. Features stories about her early childhood as Dadina, living wild and free; and then adjusting to life as Georgina, resident in the outback community at Wiluna.

90 Pages 


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